High level soldering tips supplier

A responsible supplier from China, We have a full range of replacement soldering tips to fit almost all the soldering irons, soldering stations or soldering robots. We supply high quality tips at competitive price. 

Full Range of Soldering Iron Tips for All Famous Brands


With the rich experience in the industry, we have ability to offer customers a full range of replacement tips for soldering iron, soldering station and soldering robot. Manufacturer standard and user customized tips are available to supply. Time-tested quality and competitive price, vastly reduced the factories procurement cost.

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Custom Made & OEM

Contact us if you need to make special type soldering tips. We also undertake OEM orders.

How to Buy

  1. Sample: Buyers can request samples before purchase, we offer them free of charge.
  2. MOQ: 100 pcs for soldering iron tips and 10 pcs for soldering robot tips
  3. Delivery: We can deliver to any place around the world;
  4. Lead time: 3 days for in-stock items and 15 days for non-stock items.
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