Tsutsumi soldering tip

The soldering tip of Tsutsumi enables stable temperature control based on the well-balanced design.

tsutsumi soldering robot tipThe durability is improved by thicker plating, the heat is hard to run off.

The temperature drop during the soldering becomes smaller, the tip's long life can save the cost of consumables.

Shape comparison of soldering tip

Solid line:TKH(New type)
Dotted line:TKN

Structure of high heating capacity Tsutsumi soldering tip 

The shape of Tsutsumi soldering tip serves as an ideal thermal storage part which gives heat capacity to the end of tip.
New type soldering tip - TKH series - has better heat conduction efficiency than TKN series (previous type, which is still very popular), and by forming high-fever capacity, it is effective in stabilizing tip temperature, and serves as specification which contributes to the correspondence to lead-free soldering or a high-fever capacity board.

Structure of long-life Tsutsumi soldering tip

Since temperature control has stable performance of tip temperature. in order to insert CA unit to fix the tip quickly, the temperature drops during soldering point becomes small, and the soldering unit realizes long-life of the tip in the same conditions!

Tsutsumi soldering tips produced by Leisto:

Tsutsumi soldering tip tkh type

TKH84-12EW30-2 Tsutsu soldering tip TKN5-13PPS30-3 Tsutsumi soldering tip