900M-T-B / HS-4785 Soldering tip

431 337 Soldering Iron Tips Manufacturer

Leisto’s production Hakko soldering tips have good performance such as low temperature difference (plus-minus 10 degree), smooth solder wetting performance. The great base copper & precise plating technology improves the thermal conductivity and reduce the temperature recovery time. The soldering tip can make the robots get the most out of automated soldering: working stable, low faulty soldering joints.

900M-T-B Soldering Tip 900M-T-B


Model 900M-T-B / HS-4785 Soldering Tip
Fits Iron HAKKO 936/936A/937/933 Soldering Station
Shape B-Shaped
Dimension External Diameter: 6.5mm, TipR0.5*17mm

Internally heated, Energy Conservation, can satisfy 360℃ non-directional soldering.


The cone shape is applicable to general soldering, no matter the welding point size.



 Tip Cleaning Profile Notes:

01)Work 100 is  the reserved profile for tip cleaning via compressed air(blue outlet)

02)If the sponge cleaner is utilized,air-blow cleaning is normally not required.

03)Some application require air-blow &sponge tip cleaning(depending upon tip type)

04)Standard cleaning duration is 0.5 second

05)The iron tip does not need to be extended if not required

06)The air-blow cup is not included with the standard Luna system



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