Weller LT1X Soldering Tip (T0054442599)

500 300 Soldering Iron Tips Manufacturer

 Leisto’s production Weller soldering tips have good performance such as low temperature difference (plus-minus 10 degree), smooth solder wetting performance. The  great base copper & precise plating technology improves the thermal conductivity and reduce the temperature recovery time. The soldering tip can make the robots get the most out of automated soldering: working stable, low faulty soldering joints.


Model: Weller LT1X Soldering Tip

Part Code: T0054442599

Fits Iron: WSP80 and WP80 Soldering Pencils

Tip Style: Bent Round

Tip Width: O/D: 0.016 in./0.40mm

Reach/Length: 0.492 in./12.5mm

Product Features:

  • Solid copper plated with iron all over
  • Nickel and chromium behind the working surface
  • Designed to provide maximum heat transfer from the heater to the tip
  • Individually bagged


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