LTO Soldering Tip – 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.4mm, 2.0mm

424 383 Soldering Iron Tips Manufacturer

 Leisto’s production Weller soldering tips have good performance such as low temperature difference (plus-minus 10 degree), smooth solder wetting performance. The  great base copper & precise plating technology improves the thermal conductivity and reduce the temperature recovery time. The soldering tip can make the robots get the most out of automated soldering: working stable, low faulty soldering joints.

LTO Soldering Tip

Weller LTO 0.8 mm, LTO 1.0 mm, LTO 1.4mm, LTO 2.0mm soldering tip

Fits Iron: WSP80 Soldering Pencils

Tip Style: Round

Tip Diameter: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.4mm, 2.0mm

Reach/Length: 16.8mm

Tin area length: 5.5mm

Product Features:

  • Solid copper plated with iron all over
  • Nickel and chromium behind the working surface
  • Designed to provide maximum heat transfer from the heater to the tip


No1: Our price is more favorable than others.

No2: Longer service life.

No3: Free samples available.

No4: Short production cycle.

No5: Perfect after-sales service .

Our products’ advantage is still keeping the heating conductive efficient, the long life and customers’ cost saving.

Technical Advantages

20 years of manufacturing experience of the soldering tip, we are continuously meeting customers’ requirements and improving the manufacturing process, and 28 steps process to ensure that our soldering tips a unique competitive advantage in the industry.

Structure design

Our engineers, based on the accumulation of years of design experience and the tip’s application, the tip design standard was further optimized.

The tip of the copper substrate extended ontology design follows the principles of design of fluid Principles and back-end parts of the thermal conductivity of the heating element to ensure the heat transferring efficiently.


The basic material of thermal conductivity, oxygen-free copper purity >99.95%;

 Innovative development of electroplating solution, made the crystallization of the iron plating more denser.

Plating process

Computer automatic monitoring equipment controls the entire plating process.

Over 20 hours plating time to keep the layers of plating combined closely. And the crystallization of iron layer is more denser, in the same thickness, compared to similar products more than 20% longer life time.

Quality control

  Precision CNC machine tools, make the complexity of processing is more accurate

  Adopt the advanced coating testing equipment to detect the quality of the plating.

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