The Characteristics of T12 Soldering Tips

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hakko T12 soldering tip

T12 soldering tip is developped by Japan HAKKO corporation, used with FX-951 soldering station. The T12 soldering tips are integrated soldering tip, consists of heater, temperature sensor, soldering tip.


T12 Soldering Tips Exploded View Its alternate name is T12 integrated heater. The T12 soldering tip’s characteristics are:

  1. Preposed sensor, so that the tip is sensitive to the temperature;
  2. The heater is in put inside the tip, the heatloss is very slight.

These two characteristics make the T12 soldering tip has superior heating ability, achieves smooth soldering in low temperature of 3500. The T12 series soldering tips include 85 types, they are:

Shape B Soldering Tip (9 types):
T12-B ,T12-B2 ,T12-B3 ,T12-B4 ,T12-BL ,T12-BZ ,T12-B2Z ,T12-WB2 ,T12-WB2
Shape BC/BCF, C/CF (18 types):
12-BC1 ,T12-BC2 ,T12-BC3 , T12-BC1Z ,T12-BC2Z ,T12-BC3Z ,T12-BCF1 ,T12-BCF2 ,T12-BCF3 , T12-BCF1Z ,T12-BCF2Z ,T12-BCF3Z ,T12-C1 ,T12-C4 ,T12-CF4 ,T12-C4Z
Shape D (18 types)
T12-D08 ,T12-D12 ,T12-D16 ,T12-D24 ,T12-D4L ,T12-D52 ,T12-DL08 ,T12-DL12 ,T12-DL32 ,T12-DL52 ,T12-D12Z ,T12-D16Z ,T12-D24Z ,T12-D4Z ,T12-WD08 ,T12-WD12 ,T12-WD16 ,T12-WD52
Shape I (4 types):
T12-I ,T12-IL ,T12-ILS ,T12-WI
Shape J (3 types):
T12-J02 ,T12-JL02 ,12-JS02
Shape K (7 types)
T12-K ,T12-KF ,T12-KL ,T12-KR ,T12-KU ,T12-KFZ ,T12-KRZ
SMD Type Quad (9 types):
T12-1201 ,T12-1202 ,T12-1203 ,T12-1204 ,T12-1205 ,T12-1206 ,T12-1207 ,T12-1208 ,T12-1209
SMD Type Tunnel (10 types):
T12-1001 ,T12-1002 ,T12-1003 ,T12-1004 ,T12-1005 ,T12-1006 ,T12-1007 ,T12-1008 ,T12-1009 ,T12-1010

SMD Type Spatula (6 types):

T12-1401 ,T12-1402 ,T12-1403 ,T12-1404 ,T12-1405 ,T12-1406 Shape BCM (2 types) T12-BCM2 ,T12-BCM3. (Note: The 2 types are not available in the USA)

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