T15-SBC04 Soldering Tip

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Replacement T15-SBC04 Soldering Tip for HAKKO FM2027/FM2028 Iron, 0.45*14.0mm, 60oBevel

Used for drag soldering and pre-tinning of lead wires.

HAKKO T15-SBC04 Soldering Tip Specifications: 

T15 SBC04

  • Shape 0.4SBC, 4.0mm bevel w/ 60o angle
  • External Diameter: 5.5mm, Total Length 139mm+14.0mm, Tip R0.45*14.0mm
  • Compatible with: HAKKO FX-951/FX-950/FX-952/FM-203/FM-204/FM-206 Soldering Station.

Benefits to buy T12 / T15 soldering tips in Leisto

  • 3 quality levels (A, B, C) to meet your different requirement to the quality.
  • The price is only 1/4 of HAKKO tips (no need to save money by sacrificing the quality)
  • Demo first: Leisto provides samples free of charge, buy only when you are satisfied with the quality
  • Most of the tips are available from stock
  • Custom made is available
  • Provide OEM service to help you promote your brand!

Soldering Tip Notes:

  • The iron tip for lead-free soldering oxidizes 4~5 times than leaded soldering
  • Set the temperature as low as possible, don’t increase it to more than what you really need
  • Maintaining the soldering iron tips in a clean condition is the shortcut to preventing the soldering iron tips from oxidizing.
  • Make it a habit to cover the tip with new solder at the end of soldering.
  • Use wire type tip cleaner to clean the iron tip
  • Remove the oxide using chemical paste
  • Use the thermal recovery efficient soldering irons to increase the life of the tips

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