200-2B Soldering Tips

647 190 Soldering Iron Tips Manufacturer

Quick 200-2B soldering iron tips-soldering station 203,203H,204,204H,203D,376(i),376D(i)

Applied to soldering station:

  • ME200,ME300;
  • Quick203/203H/204/204H;
  • Quick205/206B
  • Quick303/303B

Model options(21 types):

200-B soldering tip,200-3C soldering tip,200-2B soldering tip;
200-4C soldering tip,200-K soldering tip,200-5C soldering tip;
200-SK soldering tip,200-1.2D soldering tip,200-I soldering tip;
200-1.6D soldering tip,200-LI soldering tip.200-2.4D soldering tip;
200-H soldering tip,200-3.2D soldering tip,200-J soldring tip;
200-4.0D soldering tip,200-0.8C soldering tip,200-4.2D soldering tip;
200-1C soldering tip,200-5.0D soldering tip,200-2C soldering tip

Advantages of Leisto Soldering Tip:

  1. Made with pure oxygen-free copper
  2. Long time electroplating makes the plating layer more denser, the life time is longer than other tips
  3. Short lead time for standard robot tips
  4. The cost is much lower than original tips
  5. Custom made available
  6. Offer sample for testing

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