Cautions of Keeping & Using Soldering Tips

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About Keeping The Soldering Tips

Since the soldering tips were processed by iron plating, if keep the soldering tips in improper environment, the tips will be oxidized and corrosion. The unused tips should try to avoid to be exposed in the air, packed in the bag and keep in the indoor place where the temperature is lower. The new soldering tips of our company can keep at most 3 years when in optimum condition. Soldering tip * When the soldering tip is oxidized, use the tip cleaner before use, otherwise the heating ability will be influenced. Soldering Tip Cleaner In order to get the best out of the soldering tips, do remember to notice the following points:

  1. Use a sand paper to wipe the greasy dirt or rust on the tip before using solder flux.
  2. When using a brand new soldering tip, due to the blue resin on the tip top will drop as the temperature rises, please use enough solder to activate the tin surface; do this step even the tip doesn’t have blue resin.
  3. When the tip has oxidizing material such as solder flux, use the wet & clean solder sponge to clean it. If the solder sponge is dirty or dry, or clean overly, may lead to the soldering tip not wetting.
  4. If the soldering tip is not wettable, wipe the tin completely and recover to normal temperature, then use the sand paper to clean the oxidizing material lightly. Then, tin the tip when the temperature rises.
  5. The iron plating can improve the durability, so DO NOT rasp away the iron plating.
  6. To make sure the tin surface in good condition, when the soldering work is paused or finished, tin the tip and keep it well.


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