The Influence of Lead-free Solder

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People want to improve the increasing environment pollution by using lead-free solder. However, after using lead free solder wire, the following problems will happen in hand soldering:

  • Comparing to general solder, the melting point rises about 30°C.
  • Poorer wettability, stronger surface tension.
  • Stiffer solder, poorer solderability.
  • The surface appearance of frozen solder point is silver gray, and the appearance is not smooth.
  • The life of soldering tips will be shorten – at least 1/3 to 1/2. Reason: 1. The solder fulx will cleave to the surface of soldering tips due to high temperature carbonization, so that the soldering tip forms rejection phenomenon to the solder. 2. Lead free solder makes the soldering tip consumes faster. 3. Since the tin is easy to be oxidized in the air, the oxidized tin on the soldering tip surface will reject the solder. In addition, the solder in high temperature has stronger erosion effect to the coatings of the soldering tips.
Even worse….

  • To increase the hand soldering temperature is not the ideal solution.Lead Free Wire
  • The components and PCB boards are very sensitive to the temperature as before, moreover, the temperature of general soldering already reaches the critical point of components & PCB boards.

Now the question is, what are the conditions to satisfy the above requirements?

  1. Better heating efficiency, better capacity of heat transmission,
  2. Faster recovery speed.
  3. More accurate temperature control.
  4. The cost of consumable items should be cheaper.



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